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The flight:
I sleep poorly on planes, but at least I paid for the upgrade so I got some sleep. Watched movies I'd already seen and listened to music mostly.
London, Sunday:
Jet lag. sleeeeeppppp. Alda arrived late, I got dinner at the hotel and tea and a pint at the bar later.

London, Monday:
We set off early for the Victoria and Albert Museum. Saw lots of cool stuff, and ate lunch (I had pie). We then walked for a bit until coming to Harrods, which is kinda like New York Macy's. We had tea--real proper tea with scones and sandwitches and cake. We then did a whirlwind tour of landmarks, seeing Westminster Abbey, parliment, Big Ben, the river, some parks, Trafalger Square, and finally ending at the Sherlock Holmes Pub for dinner. I had roast beef and port. It was really good port.

Transit and Cardiff, Tuesday:
We took the train to Cardiff and checked into the Ty Rosa B&B, which is a cute little row house B&B run by a gay couple. It's very nice, in a quiet neigborhood. We then walked to Cardiff Bay, where I took a pic in Roald Dahl Plass and went to the Dr. Who experience. We wandered a bit more before getting Fish & Chips takeaway.

Cardiff, Wednesday:
Had a traditional Welsh breakfast of laverbread, cockles, bacon, and eggs. We then set out for Cardiff Castle, which was wonderful but lots of stairs. We had tea and I had a sandwitch (good lord the variety of sandwitches....). We went shopping a lot of places, most notably I got bras from Bravissimo, and some presents for people.
We had tandoori takeout for dinner.

And now we are having cider and chocolate.
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