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So, general things first. For Yuletide I like a low angst level on the part of the main characters  (OC case victims are another story). I like happy endings, even if that just means the case is solved. I'm very broad in my likes as far as tone and trope. Gen and up to M are all equally fine, but as my RL id is somewhat attached to my fannish ID, full on explicit porn I'd have to have unlinked from my AO3 account. I would rather not even approaching porn fic for Midsomer or L&O:UK, as much as I love Tom and Ronnie I don't find either one sexy.  Het, slash, femslash ships are fine.
Feel free to add in any other characters from the show, the detectives are my favorites but there are no canon characters in any of these shows I dislike.
So, I love detectives, as you can tell by the fandoms. I love a good case of any type, so straight up casefic would be perfectly lovely for any of these fandoms. I'd rather things not get so graphic it hits horror film levels of gore--network tv levels are fine.
Hard DNW: Adultery or partner betrayal on the part of a canon main character, as this is a trigger point on which I will stop reading. I don't like AUs which alter things completely--especially if the detectives stop being detectives. I like them because they are detectives. Please no death of canon characters. Casefic can kill as many OC victims as you please, of course.

If it so happens you've seen more than one of these shows, I do love crossovers, especially for mystery shows. Detectives meeting each other and teaming up for a case is fun, and any of this bunch meeting each other would be awesome. Ronnie and Tom are a lot alike anyway. I would recognize quite a lot of detectives in addition to the ones I'm requesting. In the spirit of Yuletide though, please stick to Yuletide eligible ones--Miss Fisher, Marple, Poirot, Forever Knight, Major Crimes, Copper, Bletchley Circle, and Cold Case are ones I spotted in the tag set that are ones I'm fond of.

Midsomer Murders:
   Tom is such a wonderfully unflappable old fellow. I love the way the plots in this show are always so convoluted and everyone is so bad at murder they have to drop three or four bodies extra to try and cover up the first. I'd love something happening that would draw him out of retirement, perhaps to John or Jones--Tom to the rescue. Or just an exploration of how he's dealing with being retired. Tom and Joyce have a lovely marriage I would not want to see anything bad happen to, but I have no ship preferences beyond that. If you are up for a crossover, Tom and Ronnie could spend 1K+ words one upping each other on weirdest case stories and I'd be delighted.

Law & Order UK
    I feel about Ronnie much the way I do about Tom Barnaby, he's such an old 'seen it all before' sort of detective. Other than casefic, I'd love to see Ronnie deal with being the old guy. He's very very good at looking after the younger detectives, but I get the feeling he's a bit lonely sometimes and being a a detective is his whole life. I rather not see Ronnie shipped with anyone, but would love a backstory fic or personal life exploration, as the show doesn't give much. As above, I feel like Ronnie and Tom could so trade stories if you are willing and able to go the crossover route.

Murdoch Mysteries
   Oh Will. He's so earnest and literal and proper. I love the weird made up science on this show--it's like one step away from being steampunk. I'd love some weird science in case fic. My absolute favorite part of the show though is the constant surprise historical figures he runs into. You've already had episodes with Doyle, Houdini, the Prince of Wales, Edison, Ford and Tesla to name a few, and a reappearance of any of them in a case would be great. There are also so many others he could have to deal with. Jules Verne? Shackelton? Nellie Bly? I don't have any specific preference here, so use any historical figures you're fond off. I like William and Julia as a ship, but I'm perfectly open to other ships for them.

   Henry is just the sort of detective I like, so I've quickly fallen in love with this show. I know canon is quickly changing on a show this new, so don't worry about it. I like the relationship between Henry and Abe a lot. I'd love an adventure from Henry's past though--he's got more than 200 years of backstory yet to be filled in, so there's a lot of room to play in. This show seems a perfect set up for crossovers or including historical characters, if those appeal to you, and I'd love to see Henry meeting other detectives, real or fictional. I haven't developed any shippy feelings about anyone here yet.
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