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Dear Yuletide Writer!

Thanks for writing for me.
As you can see by the fandom list, I love a detective. I love all kinds of detectives, and these are just a few. I love case fic, and slice of life, and musings. For these fandoms I'm not interested in porn, and I try to limit what is attached to this name. As for romance, Magic Kaito is they only one where I wouldn't mind romance as a focus. The others--shipping is not why I like these shows.
In general, I like happy endings (or at least a solved case). I dislike gore, and unmitigated angst. I can't handle good characters committing adultery. Feel free to make cheating a plot point for a case/murder, but not, say, have Tom cheat on Joyce.
Please don't kill any requested character. Everyone else is fair game.
I do not like AUs of the sort where settings and all get swapped--if any detective is no longer a detective, I'm no longer interested.
I adore crossovers, especially detective team ups, and would love any of these shows mixed with each other, or any of a number of other detective shows (in the spirit of Yuletide though, Yuletide noms or would be eligible ones only). Such as: Conviction, Winter, Agatha Raisin, Wire in the Blood, Wallander, Law and Order (any), Forever, Lucifer, Cold Case, or Janet King.
International police conferences are a thing. Just putting that out there.

Crossing Lines
     Loose ends, we have a few. More than a few. A story tying any of them up would be nice. Is Eva dead? Where is Carl now? Or the others of the old team? Feel free to ignore Louis' death or anyone else's from the main cast, or just give me the actual emotional fall out of the end of season 2 that we didn't get. I have no ship feels for this show, mix and match at will, and include anyone else of the series regulars you like. I put four of them down, but feel free to include fewer as well--but one of them should be Carl. I like Carl best. Also, this show seems ready designed for crossovers!

Murder in the First
Hildy, Hildy is my idol. I love her in all her messed up trying to be a good mom and a good cop-ness. I also adore San Fran as a city. The show has gone ship places, but I'm neutral on it. I'd love case fic, or conflict with her daughter, or just sorting out her relationship with Terry. We don't get a lot of how she's actually feeling about stuff, as she tends to present a cold face.

Midsomer Murders
   My seemingly eternal request. I adore Tom as just the kind of seen it all old detective I like watching. He's retired now, but that shouldn't stop him from solving the odd case, or getting called in to help John out. No breaking up Tom and Joyce, or John and Sarah should they appear, but other than that I have no ship opinions. As he is retired, running into a case (and other detectives) as a crossover would be awesome as well.

Death in Paradise
  The character choices are an either or! I don't care which, I really like both detectives, but I want one of them. Ship whatever you want, and include anyone else you like. Island life, case fic, romance, or either detective taking a trip back to England.

Magic Kaito
  Hakuba gets overshadowed in a lot of fic by Hattori and Shinichi, but he's my favorite, so let him be the focus and win any deduction battles should you choose to include any other DC/MK detectives. I'd love something that more explores the tension he must have being half British and having grown up in England. It seems to get glossed over that there must be things that are culturally odd to him. I have no firm OTP for him, and have happily read him with Kaito, Aoko, Akako, Sera, Shinichi, and even Hattori. So ship as you like!
Alternatively, I'd love to see any of the English based detective shows have to deal with the kid!
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