Jul. 26th, 2010

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I think our schedule for the UK is about set:

Sunday the 1st: Arrive. dine in London. collapse from jet lag. staying at Jury's Inn
Monday: bum about London, likely the Victoria and Albert Museum. Possibly have dinner at the Sherlock Holmes Pub
Tuesday: Go to Cardiff. Check into very gay B&B. Be Dr. Who fangirl
Wednesday: shopping and touristing in Cardiff.
Thursday: make our way to Aber, with perhaps a lunch stop in Shrewsbury. Meet up with Ash. Staying at a little self catering cottage.
Friday: enjoy the welsh countryside, and library of cool old things.
Saturday: leave Aber (lazily) and head to Buxton. Arrive in time for the 3pm Pirates of Penzance at the Gilbert and Sullivan festival, also go see Mikado that night and hang out at the G&S cabaret. Sleep at little B&B
Sunday: make our way back to London (lazily). catch the Caledonian Sleeper to Inverness.
Monday: arrive in Inverness that morning. bum about until we can catch the bus to Ullapool and the ferry to the isle of Lewis. Sleep at a little B&B in Stornoway.
Tuesday: visit the standing stones and the textile mill in Harris. I might go fishing. Stay in Lewis.
Wednesday: travel back to Edinburgh. Get drunk at the whiskey tour and experience.
Thursday: Edinburgh
Friday: more Edinburgh (or more likely Thomas the Rhymer), leave that night by sleeper train back to London
Saturday: fly back to the land of the burning sun. (myself, Sempai is staying a while longer)


traykor: picture of Barbara Gordon aka Oracle (Default)

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