Nov. 3rd, 2012

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Lost Prince, Provost Dogs, Misdomer Murders, Law and Order UK.
Some general notes first. I like happy endings. Angst is ok, but not unrelenting darkness. I don't have a lot of triggers, other than a massive one for adultery--I do not want to see loving marriages from in canon damaged. I'm ok if it's the motive for murder and thus happening to OCs, but Tom Barnaby cheating on or leaving Joyce, for instance, would be an unhappy fic for me. I like anything from gen to smut, though none of the fandoms I asked for this year are ones I go looking for porn in. As you can tell by 3 of the 4 fandoms, I really, really like detective stories and mysteries. I watch a lot of crime dramas (the CSIs, L&Os, Criminal Minds, Person of Interest, Closer), but am especially fond of the British ones (Sherlock, Luther, Prime suspect, Hetty, Marple, Cadfael, Poirot, and of course Midsomer and L&O:UK). I watch for the mysteries and people being clever, not so much for relationships--I don't have ships outside the canon ones in most of them. I only have strong ship feelings about Sherlock (Johnlock).
I do not like significant AUs. I especially do not like setting changes where everyone has lost their back story completely and has a different job/career/life (ie high school au or coffee shop au etc). Canon divergence is fine, I adore crossovers provided they avoid the AU back story thing. 

I don't really have much else to say about Lost Prince. Fic for this book does not seem to exist. If you are a fan, can we be friends? I haven't met many others who have even read it. I'd love something post book, but really OMG FIC FOR THIS BOOK.

Provost Dogs goes with my detective love, which is why I like Clara so much. She's a good investigator. I'd be happy with straight case fic, or tales from her early career, before or after she met Tunstall. Or how they first paired up, or some of what she did to get the 'bad dog' reputation she first had. I would not want her shipped with anyone but her husband unless it was before she'd married.

Ronnie Brooks and Tom Barnaby are long lost brothers. They are so alike! While the crossover would make me squee, don't feel pressured if you haven't seen both. A fic about either one of these clever old detectives would be wonderful. Feel free to make A Certain Death in L&O Not Happen, though I'd also be ok with Ronnie continuing to deal with it. Casefic, crossover, or just slice of life for either of these guys.


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