Oct. 13th, 2013

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Dear Yuletide writer,

I like happy endings, especially for Yuletide. I like fluff, h/c, a little angst, comedy, mysteries, slash, some het and gen. Ratings don't matter to me, anything from G to porn is ok.  Though I have once again asked for fandoms I don't tend to go looking for porn in (well, Were the World maybe). For Yuletide, vanilla is best if you are going that route.
I have a massive trigger for infidelity. Open relationship/poly are fine, it's the partner betrayal I can't handle--if it's a character I'm supposed to like. I will not read good characters cheating. Cheaters getting murdered in murder mysteries though, go right ahead.
I dislike setting AUs--like high school AU or coffee shop AU. I don't mind timeline AUs, like characters not dying who did and such.
I love crime and mystery shows, in addition to the two I requested, Midsomer and Law & Order UK, ones set in modern times I have seen: Sherlock, Luther, Hetty, Marple, all the L&Os, all the CSIs, Criminal Minds, Prime Suspect, Waking the Dead.
Didn't care for Lynley or Morse, haven't had a chance to catch Whitechapel or Broadchurch yet.
I list because I love crime show crossovers, so if you are doing either Midsomer or L&O UK, cross away if you like to write crossovers. I would especially love a Midsomer/L&O UK cross (Midsomer is on netflix instant!).
Otherwise, for those two I like case fic, as what I enjoy most about Tom and Ronnie is the gruff blase they treat the weirdness they run into with.
I would not want either Tom or Ronnie in explicit fic. I love them both but don't want to think about either one naked.

For XKCD Time, go wild. There's so much about the world we got a glimpse of to explore, both before and after the comic.

Were the World Mine: pretty much all the fic focuses on Timothy and Jonathan's new love, which is awesome, but I really liked Frankie. She puts up with a lot during that movie, but stays Timothy's friend despite his foolishness. So really anything focused on her--perhaps how she and Max reconnected after Max comes down off the flower high.


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