Oct. 25th, 2015

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So, general things first. For Yuletide I like a low angst level on the part of the main characters  (OC case victims are another story). I like happy endings, even if that just means the case is solved. I'm very broad in my likes as far as tone and trope. Gen and up to M are all equally fine, but as my RL id is somewhat attached to my fannish ID, full on explicit porn I'd have to have unlinked from my AO3 account. I would rather not even approaching porn fic for Midsomer or Marple, as much as I love Tom and Jane, sex is not something I want to think about either if them having.  Het, slash, femslash ships are fine.
Feel free to add in any other characters, there are no canon characters in any of these I dislike.
So, I love detectives, as you can tell by the first few fandoms. I love a good case of any type, so straight up casefic would be perfectly lovely. I'd rather things not get so graphic it hits horror film levels of gore--network tv levels are fine.
Hard DNW: Adultery or partner betrayal on the part of a canon main character, as this is a trigger point on which I will stop reading. I don't like AUs which alter things completely--especially if the detectives stop being detectives. I like them because they are detectives. Same with Kaito and his magic. Please no death of canon characters. Casefic can kill as many OC victims as you please, of course.

If it so happens you've seen more than one of the detective shows, I do love crossovers, especially for mystery shows. Detectives meeting each other and teaming up for a case is fun. New detectives chasing Kaito would be fun. I would recognize quite a lot of detectives in addition to the ones I'm requesting. In the spirit of Yuletide though, please stick to Yuletide eligible ones--Miss Fisher, , Poirot, Forever Knight, Forever, Closer, Murder in the First, Murdoch, Sally Lockhart, Copper, Bletchley Circle, and Cold Case are ones I spotted in the tag set that are ones I'm fond of.

Midsomer Murders:
Tom is such a wonderfully unflappable old fellow. I love the way the plots in this show are always so convoluted and everyone is so bad at murder they have to drop three or four bodies extra to try and cover up the first. I'd love something happening that would draw him out of retirement, perhaps to John or Jones--Tom to the rescue. Or just an exploration of how he's dealing with being retired. Tom and Joyce have a lovely marriage I would not want to see anything bad happen to, but I have no ship preferences beyond that.

Magic Kaito
Kaito is such a fun character. He's so off the wall. I love the contrast between him and Hakuba. I like Hakuba's obsession with Kaito that almost edges toward friendship. He wants so badly to understand *why*. I'd love him figuring out the why and facing the choice of helping Kaito or turning him in. I do ship these two. I also ship Kaito with Aoko, and Hakuba with Akako. Really my ship feelings are not strong. One thing I do not want for Yuletide is Kaito/Shinichi. That's pretty easily found, and Shinichi tends to take over fics he's in. I love him, but he's not up for Yuletide (DC isn't eligible), so I'd rather he stay away. 

Miss Marple
Crafty old ladies. Knitting circle of gossip and murder solving. Marple is too much fun. She's sharp notices everything. I'd love case fic, especially crossover, but also we don't get a lot in the books about Marple herself often, about her own past and life before settling down in St. Mary Mead. Perhaps a tale of her and her sister, mother of Raymond West?

Lost Prince
Rat/Marco otp forever. I'd love post book, with Rat adjusting to palace life. Or how a romance blossoms between these two. Or Marco finding his way as a prince. I've loved this book for a long time, and there is very little fic, so anything really.


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