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In that month I have:
Gone into work twice
Gone to Washington DC to attend ALA (which took up 6 days)
built a scratching post for miles
chipped off the old mortar from the fireplace stone that fell out
repaired the fireplace with new mortar
helped install a room air conditioner
sprayed death on the yard and weeds
took care of a very sick husband for a week
fixed issue with guest room toilet

as well as cook and clean and do lots of dishes (today I swept and mopped and would have done more but I have a horrible cold)
and I have gotten halfway through sorting out the craft room
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Thus begins my annual 5 days of books, books, more books, and tens of thousands of fellow librarians. Wheeeeee

Checked into hotel. Had a nice dinner. The hotel (the Mandarin Oriental) is very nice--turn down service level of nice. Bathrobes, free shoe shine type of place.

I'm going to relax in that king bed and plot my events for the conference. Though I already know tomorrow's---ISS tour of other school libraries, ISS dinner, and Open Gaming Night, where I will be hosting the handheld games area.
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OMG work is off for the the next few months! Well, I have summer camps, but those are fun. It's been a grueling year.

I am crafty

May. 5th, 2010 12:51 pm
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So far I've managed to turn out 16 costume pieces for the school's musical. Left to do:
Glue the velcro to the enchanted object pieces that need it
finish making the 6 silly girl flower circlets
make an extra flower circlet for Terri
sew the cover piece for the whisk
finish the paint job on the spatula and the pie server, put fleur-de-lis on the pie server
sew tails, leggings, and arm pieces for the wolves
bloody the butcher's apron
dirty Maurice's apron
probably sew a lot of buttons
...and anything else from the master list that gets added to me tomorrow at the meeting

I'm going to need a spa day when the musical is over.
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Scotland and Wales
So, A----- and I are planning a trip to Scotland and Wales in August. I know some of you have been (or are there now). Suggestions?
Right now my list of things I want to do:
visit Earlston Scotland because of my love for Thomas the Rhymer
visit a whisky distillery
visit a cider mill
eat good cheese
have proper afternoon tea
hang out in cool local pubs
see some cool castles
see Torchwood HQ (Roald Dahl Plass)
see some ruins
see some gardens
stay in a B&B that's in one of those old manor houses.
be Robin Hood fangirls with A.
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For a vid project, my friends, if you watch fanvids, what are some of the angst shots that you find show up all the time? Shots like "buffy stabs angel in front of the vortex", and 'dead Blair in the fountain' and 'Methos up against the car with Mac all angry face at him'. Shots that make you go 'oh, that clip again'. Any fandom, but preference given to SF/F. Especially Supernatural and Angel/Buffy.
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Lo, the fair Queen did look outside her castle. The thicket had grown fast and deep around the poor castle, and threatened to choke the garden and create a fire hazard for dragons. Though loyal allies were asked for aide, the other inhabitants of the castle quaked in fear at the terrible thicket. So the fair queen, though recently injured in a carriage accident, undertook to defeat the terrible weeds. She had a magic potion to aide her, but the magic potion's warning label warned that weeds must be less than 6 inches high. So she took her trusty blade, grasshog, and slew the vile thicket. With no help from the rest of the castle.
And then the queen went and beat the kitchen, which was attempting to fall into great decay, back into submission, and did other noble deeds of domestic mastery and greatness (with some help from the princess, who did battle with the dishes).

(today I cut down the waist high backyard, weeded the front garden, planted new herbs, cut the big meat packs into roasts for the freezer, and cleaned the kitchen)
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Who hid all my spoons? I seem to be out.
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Genta <3! He's so over the top. The sushi phobia was hilarious. Also, they keep finding excuses to draw on Takeru. I so want an icon of neko-Takeru that says 'dignity is overrated'.
I'm on ep 34, and I've downloaded to 40.
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Thanks for the well wishes all. Haku is pretty banged up--new hatch door and bumper at least. I'm all stiff and achy today. Nick brought me booze. At least they had insurance, but now I've got to deal with getting the car fixed.
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This is why I <3 this band: Their interview at Washington Post

The song they sing towards the end is "Headphones", off the most recent album.


Jan. 3rd, 2010 12:47 pm
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I wrote one story this year, a Wizard of Oz books story. At first I'd been a little *doh*, as 14 books by Baum alone meant a lot of canon to wade back into, and the recipient hadn't picked any characters. Thankfully said person not only had a yuletide letter, but was using the name Hungry Tiger as their user name. So I knew I had to write a hungry tiger story. So far the comments have all mentioned I got the style right, so.
Fat Babies, or The Temptation of the Hungry Tiger

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My seasonal baking is rather behind, though I did get walnut brittle and creme de menthe cookies made and in a box with hazelnuts and on their way to Japan. So they should hopefully get there by Solstice. As for other cookies, I have only made grande marnier cookies, kahlua coffee cookies, fudge, and spritzes. Still to make:
ruby jewels
candied ginger cookies
pumpkin cookies
chocolate mint cookies (sorry A----, they don't keep)
Apricot Sage cookies
chocolate sherry cookies
meringues (weather permitting)
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Did anyone see the latest episode of Law & Order? EDS made an appearance. A very odd one--they used what sounded like Dermatosparaxis.....yeah, the one that's only got about a 12 cases, cause they were only talking about fragile skin . And they made it sound like aborting someone with EDS was a good choice, cause they just called it EDS, but said it caused skin to tear at the slightest touch...well, later on they admit that there's a normal life expectancy, but still all about the fragile skin. Nevermind that EDS isn't something they tend to test for....
I'm feeling kinda 'grrr, arrrggghh' about it.
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No, this is not an angst post.
Oh my pressure cooker, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
Make beef stew cook to the meat-fall-apart stage in under an hour minutes
Make curry in half an hour
Make soups in a third of the time
and finally tonight--Make risotto in 15 minutes, total, without needing to stand there and stir.   Mind you normally risotto involves: add liquid, stir for a long time, add more liquid, stir more and so on, for near an hour.
I <3 pressure cooker. I don't know why more people don't use them.


Apr. 20th, 2009 06:11 pm
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1 lb super thin sliced beef (the kind meant for hot pot)
4-5 cloves minced garlic (or a heaping tablespoon of the jar stuff)
1 tsp oil
dash of powdered ginger (or ginger oil if you've got it)
1/2 cup noodle soup base (memi or such)
1/4 cup soy sauce
1/4 cup mirin
~4 cups frozen broccoli
1 can inari-zushi tofu, with the liquid
3-4 cups cooked rice, leftover
7-8 cups water

heat the oil. briefly brown the meat and garlic over medium heat--the thin stuff will take under a minute so don't wander off. add the liquids when the last of the red is disappearing. turn heat to high. toss in everything else. cook until just about to boil. Take off the heat as soon as it starts to boil.
Big pot of wonderful soup in under 30 minutes!
I'd have added water chestnuts or bamboo shoots if we'd had any.
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Right, so here I am.

I am 29, female, married to [personal profile] davetheinverted , and a school librarian at a small private school. I've been lurking around fandom for a good 15 years now, and am quite the butterfly about it--I've been in everything from Highlander and Sentinel to Gundam Wing to current anime, manga, books, comics, tv shows....
I write very little fanfic, as most of my writing energy goes to professional writing (as a book reviewer for VOYA and sometimes Library Journal mostly), but there is some out there.
I have Ehlers-Danlos, and can be quite rabid about disability access rights.

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I got into beta over at Dreamwidth, as did Dave. Find us over there under our same user names. Also, everyone got one invite code today. Who wants? First reply gets.

Summer camp

Apr. 9th, 2009 08:38 am
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If you have or know folks with school aged children here in Phoenix, I am teaching some summer camps this year: a mysteries and puzzle camp for 1st to 4th grade, and a writers camp and a manga camp for 5th to 12th. Information here:
Pass this info along please! Camp is only $240 for the week.

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Neil Gaiman and Charles Vess will be at Books of Wonder signing their new picture book Blueberry Girl.
Though I am fairly certain to see Gaiman this summer, as he won the Newbery and thus is bound to be at ALA (when one accepts the thing).
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the 21st Century Learning Institute is doing a baseline survey about skills learned playing WoW translating into real world skills. 
If you have ever played WoW, please take the survey. For Science!
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The new Cornish Pasty co is big and shiny.
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TRying out this txt posting thing. This is one of the more fun things i've had to do in a docs office
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I'm a fluff bunny. Please don't hurt me. I like slash. If you choose Static Shock, I prefer Gear with Virgil, but will like any slash with him. For City of Ember, something pre-the city is falling apart would be cool, or something with Sparks pre-emberites arrival.
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